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Why you should restore your furniture

Restoring loved furniture has become a rewarding part of our business and we have brought life back into many wooden pieces that now sit proudly in their homes. A lot of us have held onto items we love or inherited heirlooms and through moving or time they begin to wear and tear. Instead of dumping your household goods, if your furniture is looking tired and needing a little face-lift you should definitely consider using furniture restoration. 

Some of the benefits

  • Increase the item’s value

  • Preserve sentimental pieces

  • Save you money

  • Helpful for the environment

  • Have unique household furniture

The Furniture Waste Problem

As flatpacks become an increasingly popular and convenient option for many people, it also means we’ve become a throw-away society consuming furniture that is only built for short term. Our disposable culture unfortunately comes with the consequences of huge waste issues.

Facts you need to know:

  • Over 85% of furniture we put on the curb isn’t recycled and is instead sent to landfill.

  • Based on a survey of 2500 Australian households in metro areas, on average each household disposes of 24kg of wooden furniture per year.

  • Many of these furniture products are made with veneers and engineered wood that can’t be sanded back or retreated as they swell and rot quickly when exposed to moisture.

So we encourage you to make the choice of restoring your pieces just like these clients have!

Burl Edge Red Gum Outdoor Setting



Burl Coffee Table



Camphor Dining Table



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