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Get to know your natural timbers

Australia offers some of the most beautiful natural timbers in the world. At The Slab Lads we are lucky enough to source a variety of species from salvage yards who sustainably recover trees from tree loppers and kiln dry them before sale. Kiln dried slabs are devoid of moisture meaning with time they will retain their shape and your pieces have a lifetime guarantee.

If you are looking to purchase slabs or planning a custom piece of furniture it’s good to know which type of slab will create the outcome you envision.

Camphor Laurel

The first on our list is not an Australian native species but is the most popular and widely-used timber for most woodworkers. This versatile timber has a rich honey-coloured finish with a grain that is either subtle, distinctive or even mutlicoloured.

Origin: Madagascar

Best for: Chopping boards, coffee tables, dining tables, kitchens, vanities, outdoor furniture.

Finish options: Matt - High Gloss


A true Australian hardwood, Jarrah is known for its strength and durability. This timber displays colours of blonde, soft pink, mahogany and burgundy. Jarrah timbers are said to reflect the hues of the Western Australian landscape and it’s natural properties give it high resistance to weather, termites & rot.

Origin: Western Australia

Best for: Coffee tables, dining tables

Finish options: Matt - High Gloss

Red Gum

River Red Gum as it’s best known, is a part of the eucalyptus family and is an iconic Australian timber. The trees can be found along river banks, waterways and flood plains so it’s very likely you’ve come across this gum. This highly durable timber is used for heavy construction, such as flooring and railway sleepers, but it’s beauty and distinctive red colouring can be showcased best in furniture.

Origin: Australia

Best for: Coffee tables, dining tables, bench seats

Finish options: Matt - High Gloss


Blackbutt is a great Australian hardwood most commonly used for flooring, framework and decking. It’s so popular because of its versatility to be stained, painted or polished. This timber comes in a range of colours of golden yellow, pale brown or sometimes with a hint of pink.

Origin: Australia

Best for: Desks, coffee tables, side tables, dining tables, bench top

Finish options: Matt - High Gloss

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