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Live Edge Slabs: Beauty of nature

Live edge slabs are extremely popular for creating a rustic style in homes and owning a piece of furniture that is completely unique is becoming more attractive to people everyday. They are statement pieces that can be adapted in kitchen benchtops, coffee and dining tables, shelving units, bathroom vanities and so much more.

What is live edge wood?

Live edge slabs are cuts of wood that have unfinished, natural edges. These slabs maintain their raw characteristics with knots, burls and unique texture. The slab’s edges remain the same from when they were cut from the tree, and it is this untouched beauty that makes each slab one-of-a-kind.

Style of edge

Depending on your style you may want to sand down the edges for a smooth finish, while not taking away the beautiful curve in the wood. However if you prefer a more rustic effect we can leave the bark untouched.

Check out our live edge projects

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