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Home trends for 2021

Tap into some of the best interior and home trends forecasted for 2021. Find great ways to refresh and reinvent your space for the new year.

Charcuterie boards

Pinterest predicts epic charcuterie for 2021. Entertainers are stepping up their snack game by creating delicious & adventurous cheese boards, breakfast platters, mexican charcuterie and more. Served up best on natural wood grazing boards in all shapes and sizes.

Focal home office

As we spend more time working from home, it’s important we put some effort into our workspaces. Invest in a signature table which will become a focal point of your home office, whether it’s in a dedicated study or part of the main living area.


Now is the time to restore or repurpose a vintage piece you’ve been holding onto. Breathe life back into sentimental decor without taking away the historical character, think of it as a face lift, not a new face.

Statement headboards

Making a comeback are unique headboards that instantly add wow-factor to the bedroom. This feature piece will add impact to your room without the need of over styling.

Down to Earth

With the disruption of mass importing, we are seeing an appreciation of handmade and true craftsmanship. It’s about embracing raw textures, imperfections and natural grains that recycled timbers offer.

Buying locally

Our fresh perspective of artisans and their ability to create one-of-kind pieces, also brings a greater tendency to shop locally. It’s becoming more apparent that local makers can create custom pieces unique to our needs and taste.

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