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4 Kitchen Styles To Try Yourself

Country / Farmhouse

Cosy or spacious, country style kitchens are full of warmth and traditional style elements. It will feel like you’re on holiday everyday in your own home. Timber features and natural edges will create the rustic feel you’re looking for.


Function and character are the foundations for a traditional kitchen. Timeless design elements and a neutral colour palette make this style family-friendly. Combine large timber slab benchtops with glass door cabinets to create a clean, inviting look.

Modern Eclectic

Eclectic design is always up for interpretation. An eclectic kitchen will benefit from having an accent wall in a beautiful bright colour and open cabinetry usually in straight lines and edges, styled with a random mix of decor in odd shapes and colours. Include touches of modern, rustic and industrial to create a well-travelled feel with a cheeky attitude.


Clean lines, smart storage and efficient appliances are what make a contemporary kitchen work. Contemporary kitchens favour ultra modern elements with a touch of luxe, it’s the perfect style for the host with the most.

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